• ProCom 6.0
    is Almost Here!

    Announcing ProCom 6.0 - the sixth annual Chicagoland high school programming competition.

    We are excited to share that the initial interest in ProCom 6.0 has been outstanding! ProCom 6.0 is a collaborative effort between members of Chicago CSTA and Chicago Suburban CSTA to provide a fun, competitive, and rewarding programming experience for all participants. The competition date has been set for Saturday, March 7th at Niles North High School. The tentative schedule for the competition is below.


    Based on the high level of interest, we are capping the competition for this year to two teams of up to four students per team per school. We are asking that you please fill out the following Official Registration Form by Wednesday, January 29, 2020 to officially secure up to two teams for your school. This will commit you to participating in the competition, and we will use the information you provide here to communicate further instructions and to help your students prepare for what we hope will be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Please note that registration will be considered secured only upon receipt of payment as described below.


    Any student with an ability level commensurate with AP Computer Science is eligible, though there is no requirement that a student be currently or formerly enrolled in the course to participate. The competition will be in Java.


  • Location

    Niles North High School
    9800 North Lawler St
    Skokie, IL 60077



    To register, please complete the official registration form by Wednesday, Februa5y 19, 2020.


    To cover the cost of lunch and prizes, the cost for participating in this year’s competition will be $35 / team.


    (1) All teams are considered officially registered and eligible to participate only upon receipt of payment.


    (2) Payment must be in the form of a check made out to "Niles North High School". Please note that because this event is completely facilitated voluntarily by three individual members of the Chicago CSTA and the ChiSub CSTA Chapters, we don't have the capacity to issue PO's as a "vendor" for your district accounting office. If you wish to be reimbursed for payment sent via personal check, I'd be glad to write you a reimbursement letter to provide your supervisor to seek reimbursement from your district.

    (3) Checks made made payable to Niles North High School and mailed to:


    Niles North High School

    Attn: Alyssa Bednarz

    9800 Lawler Ave

    Skokie, IL 60077


    (4) Payment must be postmarked to the address above no later than February 28th, 2020. We order food and drinks for lunch and receive swag from donors based on the number of registered teams, so having all payments received in advance ensures that we have everything ordered accurately.. when it's all said and done we want everyone well-fed and happy!




  • Sample Problems

    In the competition, students will be given 9 “A-level” (easy), 6 “B-level” (medium), and 3 “C-level” (difficult) problems to complete during the competition time frame. Each A-level problem will be worth 1 point, each B-level problem worth 2, and C-level problems will be worth 3.


    This year, we've uploaded all of last year's problems to HackerRank for you and your students to practice from. Although HackerRank is not exactly the same as the DomJudge system we use, it is very similar and should give everyone a good feel of how the competition will run.






  • For more information...

    If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Steve Svetlik at cs4illinois@gmail.com